I am looking for PhD students with a strong math background. Please apply through the UIUC application system and mention me as a potential advisor, and I will see your application in the system.

Keep reading if you want to send me an individual email.

  • Start your email with “I have read the instructions on your website”. Otherwise I am very likely to ignore the email without reading it.
  • I am not actively recruiting MS students. If you are a MS student already admitted to UIUC and want to work with me, you can take my PhD seminar course and the course project might lead to a research project.
  • I do theoretical research, so don’t talk too much about your experience in empirical research. If most of your email is about empirical research, I am very likely to ignore it. A short paragraph showing that you have some exposure to ML and/or RL is enough.
  • [Most Important] Give me a short list of your grades in mathematical courses (in letter or points, whatever your institution’s native scale is), including (1) Calculus, Linear algebra, probability and statistics, etc. (2) Advanced courses that have a significant theoretical/mathematical component, including but not limited to: computational complexity, signal processing, information theory, control theory, optimization, etc. Include relevant ranking information as you like.
  • [Optional] Your experience in theory research. Which of the research topics that I work on attract you. etc.